April & May Favourites

I’ve been shopping so many things in April and May but the ones that im going to show you guys are my personal favourites. Most of them are black but i feel that black makes one look more elegant, it is a perfect colour for any skin tone and also makes one look slimmer.  So here we go…

1》 Black & Gold  Wallet
Before this one i haven’t really bought a wallet, so this is my first branded wallet. It is from “Paprika” and i absolutely love it for its perfect size and simple yet dazzling design.


2》Maxi Dress
This one here is my most favourite maxi dress out of all the ones i have. I love the way they have blended traditional and western style together. This ones from Global Desi. It is a little pricey but definitely worth it.


3》Black Wedges
I think these look perfect with everything right from jeans to a dress. So i had to buy them. These are from “Solovoga”, again they are a bit pricey but worth it.


Now this shade may look too dark to you all but once it is worn nothing looks better than this one. It is perfect for fair skin and adds glow to ones face. It  is called’Very Berry’ & is from a new collection by Faces.


Splendid Sin ♡


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