My Nail Colour Palette

Right from childhood I’ve been fond of nail paints and I’d always like to experiment new nail arts or colours on my nails. I’d always tell my mom or my aunt to apply it for me because I couldn’t apply it neatly back then. I was fond of buying different shades and I’d store them in a box that I had made for my nail paints. As time passed I gathered lots of nail colours. I also started watching nail art tutorials on YouTube and experiment them on my nails.

Recently about 2 weeks ago I threw away some unwanted, dried up nail colours. So after that what I got was a collection of 22 shades which are my favourite and which I use the most and it makes me so happy to share it with all of you.

Heres my little collection of nail paints ^_^ :


Whats in my collection?

  • You may notice that out of all the shades that i have most of the nail colours are the shades of red and pink. i think these shades suit me the most and they look good with almost everything in my closet. 1432548109131 (1)

  • I have 6 glitter nail lacquers. I think these are just perfect if you want to add a little spark to your nails. I use them when I’m trying different nail arts or sometimes I just apply them without any colour as a base.


  • Then I have  black, brown, white and a coral pink shade which i use the  most  because they look perfect with everything and they’re quality is amazing.
  • 1432547975740
  • The shades that I use the least are Neon Yellow and Bright Blue. I think these are way too wacky and I only use them once in a blue moon to make my nails look catchy.
  • 1432547868079
  • Then comes the clear polish which i use to add gloss to my nails, protect them from chipping and  to make my nail art last longer.


So this is what my tiny nail paint collection consists of. I hope you all liked it, do let me know which shade is your favourite in the comments down below and dont forget to hit the follow button for more fun stuff. Thankyou! 😀


A little about me and my blog

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