Happiness Caged

About a month ago i subscribed to this website called Happiness Caged after seeing their instagram profile and many other bloggers posting pictures with it. I absolutely had no idea about what  goodies i was going to receive. All i knew was that the June edition was called Gossip Girl. So i finally received the hamper on 26th of June and i don’t know how but i surprisingly got all the things that i wanted. One thing that i found interesting about it is that every month they send you a cage of different size, shape, material, etc. So following are the things that i received…

1) Heart shaped pink lantern

This is my favourite out of all other goodies because i always wanted something like this for my room and it suits the decor perfectly. This was the cage for this month.


2) Coffee mug

So i have kept this mug on my desk and the message on it describes me perfectly so this made it my 2nd favourite.


3) Three fold Umbrella

The most essential thing in this weather. It fits perfectly in my tiny bag. I love polka dots and pastel colours so this had to be my favourite.


4) Selfie Stick

I love clicking selfies and i was anyways planning to buy one but now i don’t have to, thanks to happiness caged.

B612-2015-07-02-15-37-11-1 (1)

5) 3 in one Pouch

This is just perfect to carry while travelling to keep all the essential things handy.


6)Kronokare Itsy-Bitsy massage addict kit

It consists of two massage oil bottles, it smells amazing and instantly helps one feel relaxed.


7)Hair Dangler

This one is from Bows are Wows it is a perfect hair accessory which is neither too wacky nor too simple


Thankyou so much Happiness Caged for collecting these cute goodies and sending it to me. I would love to subscribe again and wait for another bunch of happiness. I reccomend it to every girl who loves beauty and other girly products.

Thankyou! 😀